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Whether you can weather the Weather

Lach Ryan

We are now in the second week of summer so what better time to install air conditioning in our house (besides the week our savings account had any money in it) than now?! 

The first day we turned it on to see how much it blows, but by the end of the week its cousin ducted heating was the star of the show. Such is the weather in the southern tip of Australia that summer can sometimes look more like the ones experienced by our English overlords. But at least it gives us something to talk about and this writer a way to introduce the premise of the post.

Weather is a constant source of  with humans. As much as we know about it, it seems to never cease to amaze us. We are constantly looking at it, discussing it, worrying about it, planning for it, avoiding it and desiring it. 

There is an old Scandinavian saying that goes "There is no such thing as bad weather, only a bad choice in clothes", which goes a long way to explain the summer wardrobes of the British. Philosophers will take it a step back and suggest that there is no such thing as bad weather, there is just weather. It is what it is, and the rest is your personal perspective. 

In my case, there is no right time to install air conditioning, there is just a big massive bill left to pay for something I wonder if I will ever use! 

I shouldn't be too worried as we are about to head into an El Nino. Now I don't know what that means, except really hot weather and not much rain. What old timers used to call a 'dry-spell', but has since been given a new name by weather watchers who liken their craft to a sport and want to have their own jargon. 

Despite their names, El Nino and La Nina are not Latino Grandparents but the warming and cooling events that are often linked to global warming. They are also the most discussed topic behind hip operations with anyone over 65 years old.

I sometimes think that God created weather patterns just to give the elderly and strangers something to talk about. 

It is also useful for helping us understand and explain life. We all know how we must weather the storm because if it doesnt rain, it will pour and that the winds of change will soon blow but if they don't then you may end up under the weather. Keep in mind it could always just be a storm in a teacup and that it could all blow over lightning fast. I find the best thing to avoid it all is to just eat your eggs sunny side up. I wonder though how the idiom 'raining cats and dogs' came about. I wouldn't have liked to have been there for the clean up if that is based on a true event.

The biggest thing I have learnt from the weather about life though is this - if you want the rainbow, you have to put up with the rain. So much of life now seems to be about chasing rainbows and staying in the sun. The thing is, rainbows can only appear after a rain storm. We need the hard stuff to make the good stuff look and feel so good. Besides, chasing rainbows will only agitate the leprechauns and nobody wants a colony of midget-Irishman coming after them - unless you are into U2.