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Posts from by Lach Ryan

Blackframes is the writing of Lach Ryan


Waffles and Blink 182

Lach Ryan

Spotify is one of the greatest inventions of the modern age up there with WiFi, the AbioCor Artificial Heart and Cronuts.

No longer do any of us have to put up with commercial radio or the thought that those pasty old sleaze-monkeys DJs have a future beyond the next era of car radios. I am more than happy to listen to ads about credit card companies who understand the delicate balance of a perfect summer lies between annual fees and curated EDM playlists, if that means I get tune, after tune, after tune.

As kids have kept me with my arms busy elsewhere, Spotify has at least allowed me to keep a finger’s grip on current music. Over the last few years I have discovered more than a handful of new favourite bands thanks to that little green circle.

The last few weeks have blasted me some tunes (it’s what the kids call songs now, I learnt that from Triple J) straight out of 2003. They poked me in the face like the spike of a faux-hawk which happened to be that year’s hairstyle du jour.

Blink 182 dropped ‘Bored to Death’ the first piece of music without original member Tom Delonge who left the band to be a full-time eccentric. I have been playing Blink 182 on high rotation after my five-year-old Arch has become obsessed with it. He knows most of the words especially the outro bridge “oh-oh-oh-oh”.

I am at an age and distance now to have some perspective on my relationship to Blink 182. They were a gateway drug to an addictive world of music that I haven’t been able to break from. Like Fisher Price’s My First Punk Band, their formative influence on the tastes of so many gives them a current day credibility that they probably never had at the peak of their popularity.

I found myself last Saturday morning making waffles (I like to cook like animated movie characters and that day I was Donkey from Shrek. The week before I was Joy from Inside Out and we all ate our feelings), with the Spotify up loud. There was a bit of air drumming between waffle mixture making, but as soon as the Blink song came on, Arch was in control. 

The week had been a bit manic and I was fighting off the flu, even the waffle making was a distraction from being woken up early that morning, but here was a moment though in the middle of the air guitar duelling when all was well with the world. Here I was, 13 years on from the last good Blink 182 album ('Neighbourhoods' was forced and 'Dogs Eating Dogs' was good but an EP) and now my kid is getting into it.

It wasn’t just that song, but all the stuff I had in that playlist. There was the new Brand New there, but also stuff from more recent finds from the last few years- Modern Baseball, Beach Slang, The Hotelier.

What I love about that pop-punk-rock stuff is that it has an ability to take you away. You get lost in it. I used to think it was just me, having a throwback to my younger days, but seeing the way my kids  get into the mix of clashing drums and loud guitars - I now think differently.

What excites me about this new stuff I am hearing from these new and old bands is that it feels like a new era of great punk/rock music is just upon us. 

And if that is the case then I know that everything, know that everything, everything’s gonna be fine!