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Posts from by Lach Ryan

Blackframes is the writing of Lach Ryan


An intro to Blackframes

Lach Ryan

You've probably been riding the good ship HMAS Keyboard across internet high seas and found your way onto the shores of the Blackframes Isles for the first time.


So what this is all about then?

Read a few of the selected posts below and you'll start to see life through the lenses of Blackframes.

This site is for fathers, so if you are one of them you'll probably enjoy thisthis one,  this bit hereread this one here and here. I think this one about my little lion man is also a goodie. Here you'll find here some tips for new Dads and this one is about the birth of my first kid and this one about the second one.

Much of what is featured on here is for dudes. This series of posts attempted to define what makes a Real Man, by looking at some of the things that don't really make a man, things like: walking small dogs, eating from cans, catching the bus. It was finally determined that real men are hands on.

You'll be better equipped for modern life by learning to love a beard , get angry with an app, install contact lenses, travel the world or rock out like an old man

Other times you'll find a laugh with fresh takes on life's big issues such as strudels, baldness, writing the President, cheese, film and vegetarianism.

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