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Manifesto emerged in its original form five years ago. At this time I had just been fired from a Marketing job, it was the start of the global financial crisis and my adventures in stand up comedy were flailing. 

I had started writing 400-600 word pieces based on all my ideas that wouldn't quite work on the stage; bits that didn't fit the mould of a stand up setlist. Over time I began to enjoy this process more than the stand up thing, so I started using Blackframes as the outlet for my silly opinions, rather than the dark and hollow bars of stand up gigs.

In May 2010 I found out I was going to become a Father. This was a big disruption to my life planning department, so adjustments needed to be made. I eventually embraced this new found  status of 'Father' and the more I got into the idea of fatherhood, the more I enjoyed it. This was the place where my worldview found its articulation. Here I could express my ideas on life, faith, personal style, masculinity and humour in a single calling. It was also genuinely the most fulfilling thing I had done on this earth ( I am yet to rollerblade with a shetland pony whilst dressed as Batman).

I continued to write for Blackframes during this time of grappling with my new identity as a Father. The fact that my friends and the occasional random enjoyed these outputs made it all the more worthwhile.  Some print and online publications would even publish my words as well.

So that brings us to here. The birth of my second child has really encouraged me to take this site up a notch. I want to be something that I wish existed when I started out as a Dad. A place to drop into conversations with creative and engaged dudes about the 'how' and 'what' of being a Father. Alongside that will be my continued take on fatherhood, life and culture as I experience it.

We live in a time when its not clear cut what makes a man. Our own Fathers only managed to pass on their confusion, if they were around at all. The research shows that Fathers play a key role not just in families, but also in the make up of a functioning society. Men make other men, and we need ensure that process is resourced and the journey documented while still finding the space to laugh.

Blackframes is for fathers...and their fans.