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>Written in Ink

Lach Ryan

On a recent jaunt to Sydney, the city on the harbor that harbors a city, I indulged my inner pirate and succumbed to the lure of a tattoo.  For a while now, Captain Conscience III (that’s the name I give the voice inside my head because it sounds much like a pirate, or perhaps even a merchant sailor, but a seafarer none the less) has been prodding me to make good on my threat to graffiti my skin with the rebel’s ink.  It wasn’t a rush decision, I've had a plan for a while of what I wanted. It wasn’t some dolphin jumping over a butterfly just above the waist of my jeans, nor was a devil-bull driving a hotdog van through a flaming hoop into the mouth of a dragon. It certainly wasn’t a symbol or character of a culture that I have little to do with other than eating their take away food. No, for such a permanent and visible statement, I believe the idea behind a tattoo should be as deep as the ink that forms it. Mine was a abbreviation of a Latin phrase I came across;  In Nomine Domini Nostri Jesu Christi, "In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ." It was used by the composer Bach on the bottom of all his manuscripts. As stand up comedian and writer, I liked the notion of this committing of ones creative ability. But it also appealed to me on a broader, human level. As a Christian I am far from perfect. I often struggle with knowing just What Would Jesus Do? In fact sometimes I don’t even bother to ask and end up going with What Would Dad/Wifey/ John Cleese Do? But I need a prompt and reminder that I made a commitment to this way of life. That “this way” works best when applied across my whole life. My whole being. So I got a tattoo on my being (not there! Get your mind out of the gutter! Ouch...)

Now on my inner left arm I have the INDNJC script as reminder to myself and a testament to others. The tattoo is a permanent reminder of my faith when I look at it, and a reminder to look to my faith permanently.

Plus it looks rad!