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The Archive of posts

Old posts from the original Blackframes site

>The Unhappy Feet of Immigration

Lach Ryan

Recently Prime Minsteress Gillard has dy ed the hair of discussion red , with her take on illegal immigration. Her stance is one which I strongly support. For years now, scores of little immigrants have been washing up on our shores, having travelled thousands of km’s just for a taste of the good life Australia provides. I am of course talking about Penguins. Tiny, little extremist Penguins. Granted, it is their cuteness that is extreme but it’s still extremism and therefore un-Australian! Look at the Emu, the Platypus and the Wombat- proud Aussie creatures, but so ugly only God or Steve Irwin could love them.

Ever since we opened our arms to these things, they’ve been coming here in, and on, waves. The famous ‘Island Solution’ simply hasn’t worked. Phillip Island was once a thriving local community but has been upturned by the arrival of these tuxedo terrors. Once crowds literally flocked for the world’s only fully Seagull run aero-circus. The fact that many Seagulls can now be found around parks and beaches, scavenging for food proves the effect the immigrant population has had on the natives. Haven taken over the Gull’s beaches, the Penguins quickly established their own ghetto shacks in the dunes of the beach. Now, nightly they parade for tourists, often for no more than the price of a few seconds of human admiration!
But the island isn’t the only place they can now be found. Whilst its estimated that up to 39% of Phillip Island is Penguinese, or has some Penguin heritage, their communities can be found all along the South Eastern coast of Australia. What is this doing to the Australian way of life? Most people will say “Nothing” or “Not much at all really!” but I wonder how those same people will feel when their precious supply of squid disappears, directly linkable to the ethnic diet of these flightless fatties?
Some say we are a country built from a fabric of different cultures. But most of us are not interested in wrapping our beloved nation in Penguin skin! Perhaps the White Australia policy (instigated by Captain Cook on behalf of the English Government 222 years ago) may prove to be our saviour. It was that very move that saw the introduction of Foxes, who now seem to be the only real solution we have. At least the Foxes aren’t afraid to sink their teeth into this to speak. That’s why next election, I’ll be voting for them. Sure they may be Foxes, but it beats the Monkeys we have running the country now!