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The Archive of posts

Old posts from the original Blackframes site

>The Fame of the Blackframe

Lach Ryan

>Black frame glasses- They've been around since Buddy Holly, the Emo kids bought them back in the 90's and now Hipsters from Williamsburg to West Papua are wearing them. No need for prescription lenses, these are for purely ornamental purposes like a tail on a Jack Russel or Women in the Military(guess which one is the joke?).

Now a fully fledged fashion moment, like back to front Kris Krossed clothes, we take a look at the top 5 true-wearers as seen by Blackframes. 
  1. BEN FOLDS-This piano bashing Blackframer has been winning hearts and minds with witty and insightful lyrics showcasing his bespectacled world view. Some still swear that his performance with MSO is the best show they've seen!
  2. TINA FEY - Proves women can not only be funny, but invigoratingly hilarious. A big fan of the Black rims, they were integral in pulling off her imitations of Sarah Palin during the last US election. Kind of hot in a sexy librarian from Primary School way.
  3. RIVERS CUOMO-The eccentric rockstar front man of Weezer, has been rocking this look from way back when....when it wasn't so cool. Could be singlely responsible for reigniting the look Buddy Holly made famous. Plus anyone who can write the killer opening lyric of El Scorcho, is an all-time champ anyway.
  4. SAM SIMMONS-Australia's slightly unknown comic genius. Equipped with a weird, surreal and dark mind, Sam regularly hijacks Comedy Festivals and broadcast  waves with his own unique take on comedy. Hopefully Blackframes Comedy will see Simmons and his frames live on stage....come down a do a gig sometime Simmons! Even just send your frames in your place.
  5. SCARLETT JOHANSSON-Ok,echnically you don't need them, but you did wear them once when you got an honorary degree, and for that Scarlett you make the list. You also feature highly on many men's 'other list' but as a thinking man's sex symbol this list isn't complete without you.

And to those of you thinking that "Yes! That is a cool look. I want to be like them." A word of warning- unless you've got  prescription lenses in there, don't even think about it! Not all glasses wearers are nerdish folk afraid of armed combat. I proudly wear my Blackframes and have no hesitation is replacing your faux hipster black rims with black eyes via a quick left jab to your nose bridge, followed by a right cross for good measure. The irony is you wont even see it coming. You have been warned.