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>The Eternal Question in Chalk

Lach Ryan

Last week I was walking back from the local shops, or “Village” as the Real Estate agents like to bill it. I had just returned from our Wine Shop which specializes in $10 and under wines which aren’t that special. Written on the footpath is chalk scrawl was the word 'Eternity', followed by the question “Where will you be?”.  "Hopefully not on a footpath stuck outside a Primary School in Kensington!" I responded out loud. Which in hindsight was a bit weird. Speaking out loud that is, not my desire to be eternally somewhere else other than a footpath outside a primary school. I am sure even in Eternity there are rules against grown men loitering outside Primary Schools.

This question though is literally an eternal one. The concept of asking it, via chalk on a footpath however, started with a guy name Arthur Stace in Sydney back in the black and white days. You can read more about it here.Eternity is something everlasting, that transcends the world and time we find ourselves in. It is the space God inhabits. Eternity represents everlasting life. The type Hugh Hefner is trying to replicate. Most cultures and their peoples have an interest in the notion of Eternity. Can it be attained? and where is it held? Can I pre-purchase tickets? Is it BYO? Do they have Student discount on a Tuesday? Many have tried to sell it to those looking to buy. Others simply don’t believe in it and live accordingly. Which is what the chalk drawing was trying to change. If we live with a view of Eternity not being bought, sold or make believe but a reality- then everything changes. This life suddenly counts in setting us up for an eternal one.
But this chalky question wanted to know where I would be. I have trouble knowing where I will be next month, so  Eternity better have created some type of Facebook event or given a Google map reference. My best answer is Heaven. That little place God purchased for a steal years back before the celestial property market boomed, that’s where I’m headed. My choice was either that, or Hell; and from what I hear is full of bogans and way too hot, much like Bali.
So if Eternity is spent in either Heaven or Hell. Where are they? In the clouds/under the ground?  Both the Bible and Nirvana on MTV Unplugged, talk of lakes of fire in relation to Hell. Hell will probably be like Highpoint Shopping Centre on a Sunday but with fire and K.D Lang music. I believe heaven will be like the song - Ooooh Baby, it's a Place on Earth. Heaven will be here. Just renovated. I like that. So my answer to the Chalk question is "Right here." Just a better version. A heavenly version. One where everyone will have a pool because there will be no beaches. And a local village wine shop that sells really special wine for under $10.