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>The Dreams of 21st Century Digital Boys

Lach Ryan

I realized the other day that I will never own a lawn mower. What does that mean? Not that I have a concrete garden, but that home ownership is outside of my generations reach. They say owning a home is the Great Australian Dream, and I think that’s right…but the problem is dreams don’t come true. If they did, I’d be writing this piece safe in knowledge millions will be anxiously waiting to read it. Once I'd finished I'd get my Scandinavian Lingerie model Wife (she’s from Scandinavia, not the lingerie she models…that’s mostly French) to read over it, cosy in our 8.5 star penthouse hotel suite that costs more  money per night than my Dad made in the 90’s! But that’s just a dream, just like owning my own home. What’s the great Australian Nightmare? I  imagine it has something to do with sport being made illegal.But it does seem the modern world is hell bent on selling us a Dream. Its partner in this crime of mind-head trickery is technology.

It seems the idea of false dreams are everywhere, particular on the worldwide interweb. Online "Fantasy" games have even the best of us (me) hooked. Currently in my other open tabs while I type, I am logged into AFL Dreamteam and an Stockmarket simulation game. Realistically I will never be able to coach an AFL team or have such a massive share portfolio, but the dream...the simulated idea of it all tastes so good. The taste of a cake baked in a cashed up forward line that grew by 5% on the back of under performing Wall Street!
We only need to stay in the worldwide interweb before we run into porn. And yes, running into porn is as expected, surprisingly cushy. If ever there was an example of technology being used to sell a dream (i.e. the unrealistically unattainable) it's with porn. Real women wont do that, mostly wont look like that, and unfortunately wont be interested in you!  Apple fans will probably tell you their dream comes true every time Steve Jobs releases another of his techno-iBots of world domination. But I know a few Nokia and Dell users that are living pretty happy and fulfilled lives! But one thing I reckon is good stuff 'n' that is Apples decision not to allow adult content on the iTunes app store. Sure, people will rant about adult freedoms but a generation of confused kids with a bad case of boob-eye is not what we want. 
So what am I saying? Dreams are in the head. They cant be put-out via a screen or tapped into from a wireless connection. Even if they are in the head, its when they come true, in a life that's being lived,that they have any point....which I'm not sure if this post has...a point that is!