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>The Christmas Time

Lach Ryan

Another Christmas has passed, and this has been a little different than the last. Wifey is with child, knocked up, cooking one in the oven, preggo etc etc. And whilst movies like Juno, Three Men and a Baby and Knocked Up may glorify this experience, its not all balloons and cake. Being just over the 36 week mark, the bub could pop out at any moment. Going through the Christmas/New Year period with this fact constantly lingering, tends to take out a bit of the Ho from the Ho Ho, and some sparkle from the champagne and fireworks.

Interestingly, it allowed me to see the Christmas story in a new light. Most years my focus in on baby Jesus and how annoying it must have been for God incarnate to rely on a teen Mum to clean himself constantly after a bout of soiling. But this year, I could understand the plight of Mary and more so, Joseph a bit better.
I am sure our first world concerns of "...will we get a double or private room at the hospital?" don't compare to having a bunch of livestock effectively work as your Midwives. Wifey and I complain about the hippy approach of our midwife, but at least we have one. Mary popped out J.C. with only the help of Joseph. By all accounts the bloke was a top Carpenter, but I wouldn't want Scott Cam pulling out my firstborn!
We get annoyed at the random gifts people give us, and the over-interest they take in the growing belly bump. At least we dont have some random smart Asians turning up with boxes of commodities and herbs or some Sheep enthusiasts scheduled to visit the hospital. Then again, if that Barber shop quartet shows up the night our kid is born, who knows who they'll tell via the majesty of song to come visit the new Ryan child. Perhaps John Cleese?...that would be cool.
But when I think about Mary and Joseph, I know they would have been freaked out as we are. Not sure what to expect, how it will all work out, what the future holds, or why them and why now? But then again, God had plan with that Kid, and I'm sure he has a plan for ours too. Although if Caesar had declared Paternal leave in Jesus time, we may well have been celebrating Christmas after New Year 's. You can guarantee Mary would have been crossing her legs until Jan 1st, for 18 weeks of Government funded parental leave, just like Wifey is doing. 

Amen to that!