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>St Anger

Lach Ryan

Anger is the misunderstood adopted cousin of the emotion family that often pops up throughout our lives, reminding us of the time when we poohed in the bath. Confused? Allow me to explain.

As far as the range of emotions go, its anger that routinely cops the bad press. Most likely all you would have heard is how dynamic Love is, or how we must delicately handle Sadness and comprehend Confusion. But when we speak of Anger, it’s all about management. Really we should embrace it with the enthusiasm of special needs kid to a new BMX. Instead we are told to deny its existence like God, the Tooth Fairy and Shaun Micallef’s talent.
Often when life is getting us down, we don’t go downtown, but instead unleash outbursts of Anger towards an invisible higher third party. Whether atheist or true believer, we cry unfair quicker than a boy with a penchant for the word Wolf. (Note: I have a penchant for the word penchant). We think it’s as if this invisible higher third party will hear our angry plea and change the circumstances that so grieve us, but this is not the case. No matter how much you should have got the job, deserved the credit, earned the right, attracted the attention, won the goat or got the girl/guy, Angry outcries to the God of Its-Not-Fair will not change things!
Anger should be re-directed into more positive activities. Without anger we wouldn’t have such great things as alt-rock, Henry Rollins, Rottweiler’s and talkback radio. Perhaps the greatest example of Anger’s success was the short lived radio series featuring Henry Rollins’ Rottweiler taking talkback calls on mainstream American radio. Critics cite the shows playlist consisting entirely of mid-90’s British band ‘Bush’, more so than its canine host, as the reason it was canned after only 4 short years.
Perhaps those that best understand the power of Anger are teenage boys. If ever they decide to leave their rooms and gather en mass, they will quickly rule the world-such is the power of teen angst! Many have cottoned onto to this. Kurt Cobain knew it by scent. Sportsman talk of its performance enhancing abilities, often quoted at retirement press conferences as saying they are giving the game away due to
” …not being angry young men anymore.” As soon as a musician makes the same statement, you can guarantee that their next record will be ‘…sorta alt-countryish.’
Anger is a malleable material. You can project it, bottle it, explode it and implode it. Some even profess to manage it, while others keep countless plasters and glaziers in business. Anger could be the worst gift an abusive parent, cheating partner or lost loved one will ever give us. But harnessed and focused in the right direction it can, like a greyhound, race around the track to Victory and have us eat nightly at the Stadium of Life’s buffet. I’ll have the Anger pizza, no apologies please.