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>Planet of the Cows

Lach Ryan

Hands up those who don’t eat meat?

I realise this question is unfair for a few reasons. For one, this is a blog and if you are reading it I will not be able to view your response. Secondly, you most likely can’t raise your hands because of your iron deficiency.
This post is not about the pros and cons of a meat consuming lifestyle. I do not have a strong view on either side. Quite regularly, the menu in our kitchen will be sans-animal flesh. We love a good legume, suck down soups and graze freely on grains. I always order vegetarian dumplings at Asian restaurants and have never eaten a Dog, but would try Cat.  But just as regularly, my internal diner takes a seat at the energy table orders me to consume some char grilled cow. I eat Hot Dogs because they taste so good, the fact that they are minced organs and offal is just that....a fact, a delicious fact best served with a quality mustard and strong cheddar.
So it’s not about the ethical or altruistic values or either diet for me. No, this rant is inspired by the silliness of militant Vegetarian logic that suggest Animals aren’t for eating. My question is this- what are they for then? Sure some are for patting, other riding, some for working and most just for looking at whilst on holiday. But a large group don’t really fit any of those criteria. They are the most delicious- Chicken, Fish, Cows, Sheep, Pigs etc.
What would happen if Vegetarian’s truly ruled the world? Or worse still their home-schooled, craft loving cousins the Vegans? We would have livestock quickly taking over our cities! It would chaos. We only need to look to India to see the damage that a Cow with an inflated sense of importance can do to in an urban environment. You think Hipster’s are bad? Wait until empowered Pigs rule your inner city streets! The only thing saving us is our blessed farmers. These Men (and some Women who resemble Men) single-handedly keep the flannelette shirt industry alive and keep the above scenario from actually occurring. If our farmers could no longer make a living from raising , tending to and killing their livestock then they would have no option to abandon their farms. Millions of animals would be without supervision. We know that Teenagers are like animals without supervision...imagine what animals are like!
I put it to you that without us eating them, many animals cease to have life purpose. Unless they can learn a language or join the workforce in areas of critical skills shortages like a trade or hairdressing, then they will contribute nothing to the economy. Animals need us to chop them up and eat them, as much as we want too. I know this is likely to ruffle the free-range, organic fair trade feathers of a few of you. Feel free to attack. I’ll be continuing to munch meat and doing my bit to ensure the safety of civilization as we know it.