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New life is what happens when you're busy making family plans

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New life is what happens when you're busy making family plans

Lach Ryan

cabbage patch

The planning industry tends to be dominated by the big three- Financial, Wedding and Funeral. It seems that if you do the first one well, it will lead to many options for needing the second.  That in turn will often guarantee a craving to need the services of the third. Family planning though, is the hippy cousin of the planning big 3, long overlooked to attend industry functions since the rise of Google. The wisdom of family planning theory however, still has its place in modern life. I come from a family who practice the 'Band' model of family planning, one child for each of bass, drums, guitar, and vocals. The 'Nationalist' approach of 3 kids, (one for each of you and one for the country) and the 'Catholic' approach (one for each day of the week) although popular, never greatly appealed.  A friend once told me about the minimalist approach to family planning. It goes that you should just have two children, one to replace each parent.

I've always like that.

So it is with much excitement, anxiety and general wooziness (probably more from having been out in the sun for last few hours) that I write of the news of my impending fatherhood. Wifey and I have decided to create the sequel to the much-loved 2011 blockbuster that was 'Archer'. The studio was more than happy to green-light the project, and production on-set ran very smoothly. Unfortunately, Joel Edgerton was unable to reprise his role as 'Kind Hospital Security Guard 2' but there is a great cameo from Kirsten Dunst as a surly community dance instructor to look out for. We are now in post-production and the director is overseeing the final edit. We hope to have it released around late June 2014, just in time for the northern hemisphere summer season.

I am looking forward to strapping on the Baby Bjorn once again, and heading back into the ball-pit of newborn babies. The responsibility to steward and shape another life is one I take on with great enthusiasm. Having a little life that is completely reliant on you for food, shelter, clothing and comfort makes parenting a control freaks dream!

People keep asking me if we are going to find out the sex. I am undecided. What I will be sure to get the doctors to check is that it is human and not amphibious. Frog-children can start out very cute, but get extremely demanding when they are tweens.

Honestly I don't care if it is a boy or a girl; I will love it just the same. Either way, I will still make sure that it knows how to make people laugh, hold a decent conversation, kick a footy, throw a punch, cook a meal, handle money, pray, appreciate a coffee and that its Dad will always love it, no matter what.