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>Look what I Made!

Lach Ryan

Something that may have been said, publicly or otherwise, that should never occur has happened- I'm reproducing. Not in some kind of Alien Spawn sack from 'Species' kind of  way, or in a single Gay Dad surrogacy, but in the traditional "Oopps my wife is pregnant!" way. I guess that is what happens when you play with fire, you're gonna get burnt. Though in this instance 'fire' is reproductive organs, and 'burnt' is an unexpected human life. Really I should have gone out and bought myself a lotto ticket afterwards, such were the chances of conception considering the birth control methods we were employing. Anymore contraception and we would have been celibate. Turns out I'm more potent than Cult leader!

But all that aside, its happening now. Our world and outlook has already changed. No longer is it about me and Sara, but the baby. So instead of shopping online for rad shoes or tees, I now do if for my unborn...thanks Threadless Baby! Just one of many adjustments I have to make. Not as bad as Sara though. She's going through massive changes. Obvious bits are massive (boobies!) and she can't wear belts, although a whole new magical world of braces is about to open up for her.

Having a kid makes you take stock of your values. Will it believe in Santa or Dinosaurs? Will it support Geelong or Essendon? Private or Public education? Should I wear jeans with runners or thongs with socks? Wiggles or Yo Gaba Gaba? Childcare or dump with relatives? Should we buy a cot or will a box do? All the big questions are raised.

But eitherway, by sometime around Australia Day 2011 (Don't try and work out what I was up to late April/early May- Birthday anyone?) the true Ryan clan will begin. Our quest for world domination will be slow yet ultimately triumphant, and myself and Sara will King and Queen of the world with our 7 children ruling over the 7 continents. Or maybe we'll just live happily ever after on a quater acre house and land package, suburan block. Who knows? Maybe both. The Adventure is just about to begin....