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>Get a real job ...really?

Lach Ryan

I am slowly dying - nothing dramatic. When you think about it we are all slowly dying each day, so that statement is accurate. Its just that my current affliction is boredom, induced from not having a strong sense of vocation. Getting a job is hard. Keeping a job is hard. Working a job you don't like but have to because you cant do much else, is harder. But perhaps not having a job at all is the hardest.

The job front is slow moving like an old person on a motorized cart traversing speed humps on a one way street. I've applied for roles that I think look promising but can't be sure. Job ad's these days are so ambiguous that its hard to know what they are looking for, that is until you get the rejection email. Here's an example of correspondence.
Marketing Communication Assistant Coordinator in Funky Corporate- Do you want a job? Like to think you'll be working in an office that is like one off TV? Like shiny, plastic things? Well if you've got at least 1-22 years experience this could be the job for you (but most likely someone else). You'll need to be human, with an interest in ongoing employment and marketing tasks like photocopying, answering phones and looking pretty next to our mid-life crisis suffering Director at meetings and events. An irrelevant degree and a can-do-me-over attitude is a must. We are a sector leading blue chip telco-new media agency for Financial Services, situated in the heart of a Map of the CBD. Apply online via the broken link, then Google our website to find our HR Managers email.
So you apply for it anyway and wait...and wait....then a week or so later get this sort of response.
Dear Ryan, (apparently I changed my name)
Thank you for your application. Due to the overwhelming response to this role (ie- Carrie our PA had to print off "like well over 11 applications and that's not including my cousins) we cannot proceed to the next round of the recruitment process (the one where we look to give you a job). We will however keep your details on file for 3 months for any other roles that are suitable (but Carrie will lose the folder we put them in at a Friday night drinks)
Thanks again for your interest,
Jane Single-Carrerwomantwocats
HR Administrator
Perhaps you should get some feedback. Why not write an email asking for this... along the lines of WHY?
Dear Ryan,
Your experience, whilst strong, was not as good as other candidates who are blonde and female. The fact that you are Male in a female dominated industry is not a trail we wish to blaze. Whilst someone of your strengths would be handy around the office, particularly when we need to take boxes to the mailroom, we feel other candidates were a closer fit to our core team values (of estrogen fulled Admin).
All the Best
Carrie Memumanddadarecousins
PA to Director

As long as I have arms, a window wiper and some detergent, I'll have paying employment.There are plenty of car windscreens that need washing. Keep an eye out for me at you local intersection. Tomorrow I start as an Freelance Vehicle Visibility Technician.