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>Empire State of Mindfulness- Part 1

Lach Ryan

Right now I find myself in New York on business. What type you ask? Well, none of yours. Zing! I'm here working a trade show by day, and romping through the city that never sleeps (although appers to be dozing a little bit) by night. I am here for a short time, not a wrong time, so I am being as efficent with my acitivites as a German tour guide.

I arrived on Friday night after a flight that took me through nearly two rounds of upsie downsie with the sun. Feeling OK despite American Airlines best attempts to make me feel otherwise, I landed in New York with a spring in my step. I later removed it and felt much better for it. I am camped at the Hotel Americano, which is a newish botique offering in the happening neighbourhood of Chelsea. The area reminds me of a girl I once new- she was also called Chelsea, was located by the river and had a liking for surly Eastern Europeans. The accomodation is nothing short of funky, befitting any Marky Mark or his associated bunch.

That night I walked off my jetlag and temporary cankles and headed up the Empire State Building. This is the place that King Kong first invented Pole Dancing. The view was amazing, and made all the better since God has turned the lights out. Afterwards I wandered down to Times Square and grabbed a burger, shake and fries before high-fiving Fonzy and the fixing the dukebox. Walking around Times Square, I couldnt help but wonder if I set up a bunch of fluro Billboards in a delapitated concrete slab in a town like Geelong, would people still flock or would they see it for the wasteland it is? The slab of concrete, not Geelong.

Saturday I met up with a firend who was also in town for work, and we indulged our sporting side, hitting Chelsea Piers for some Batting cage action and the Golf driving range. A short stroll through the Meat Packing District (alot of other groups of men doing the same thing funnily) and back along the highline before heading over to the Kingdom of Hipsters that is Williamsburg. After being dropped off by Manhattan's only Indian/Trivia Host/Cab Driver we feasted at Isa, before heading out for drinks at a couple of bars. A late but fun night was had by all.

On Monday jetlag hit like a ninja, and this just happened to be the first day of work. Stuggling through that, and the following day of Tuesday, I regained myself for a night of food and funnies. The plan was to hit up iconic storytelling room The Moth, but unfortunately another 1,000 other Manhattanites had the same idea. Not wanting to experience standing in a North American line, I headed off to a Thai-Viet inspired feast at Spice Market. I am more stuffed than the 1983 lawn mower my Dad only recently threw away.
I write this before intending to head out a catch a late comedy show at the Upright Citizens Brigade. I say itend, as although this is the city that never sleeps...I really need to!

More to come in Part 2.