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>Cultural learnings of Amerika to make Benefit Glorious Blog of Blackframes: San Francisco

Lach Ryan

I type this post in the Somewhat United States of America. I find myself here in interesting time. The SUSA has just been downgraded in its international credit rating, to the point that other countries are seriously questioning if they will even lend them a pen to sign their cheques with. The citizens are all types of angry, typically Super Sized, as is the case in America.

I’ve been bought here for my work in para-coffee industry selling plastic cups. We are doing some trades shows and trying to move some units...just TCB’in. First stop on the tour is San Francisco. This is the second time I’ve been here so I feel I have a handle on the place. Summer seems to have hidden its face from this city despite smiling upon the rest of country. It is so cold here, I am almost longing to return to the warmth of a Melbourne Winter. A nice touch is the fog that encapsulates at least some part of the city everyday. The fog unfortunately covered up the Golden Gate on my latest crossing, but the same fog is nowhere to be seen when large load ladies block the footpath I happen to be on. It’s not just its citizens, America is in a bad shape at the moment. People on both sides of politics seem to questionings Obama’s ability to save the economy/ world. College graduates are working in fast food, and not even as the manager. The general vibe is similar to that after a big party, when all is left is the mess.
Not that it has stopped me trying to make the most of it. In between bouts of standing in a natural light-free exhibition booth for 9 hours a day, I have been soaking up my favourite bits of American pop culture. Highlights so far include SFMOMA, the lunch I never had on my last visit in a genuine diner, Mexican food on tap and cheap Vans. The coffee has seemed to improve from my last visit 3 years ago. I have had some great macchiato and latte from the likes of Blue Bottle Coffee and Four Barrel Roasters. The later was sipped on in the Hipster domain of Velencia St in the Mission district. The whole area was like a mid century furniture store had a lovechild with an American Apparel shop. I also visited a cool old Church there (appropriate for a Sunday) and then had a Burrito that took me to heaven.
I have walked the streets of San Francisco as only a traveler does, fueled by the lack of knowledge of any other viable transport option. My feet hurt and my brain is joining them. Delirious from a stroll, I conjured up the entrepreneurial idea of a Shoe Hire business, which is a store that hires out different types of short term use shoes. I will call it “Walk a Mile in our Shoes”. Surely this is an American recession proof business idea? The thing I most like about walking SF streets is the countdown to red timer at pedestrian crossings. It lets you know exactly how much time you have left until everything stops and you can go no further. If only the US Government could have installed one of these for their spending.