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>As is the Fashion...

Lach Ryan

It's important to have style. To care about one's appearance and aesthetics. Especially when you are someone who's day to day role requires other humans to look at you closely for extended periods of time. Like Teachers, Newsreaders, Politicians, Strippers and the backside of toilet doors. I was pondering this notion recently and asked myself- how do I describe my style?

Hopefully most of us would start with the common style of Dressed. This is a traditional look that has been around since post-prehistoric times and maintained its popularity. It did have a decline in the late 60's within the Hippie community and is never a popular look with toddlers, but Dressed is as timeless as a swatch watch.
But we need to be a bit more descriptive to move away from the broad generalization of fashion. What's it look like? How does it feel and taste? What is it influenced by or sound like? Could the look be described as post-affagato postal punk, Nocturnal Naval Kick, Techno Tokyo Badger or Accidental Ice Astronaut? Whatever it is it needs a label...and one that doesn't in anyway help define more clearly the look. How do I know this? I read the Street Style sections in bad newspapers. You know the ones- they feature guys who think its cool to wear their Girlfriends jeans without any thoughts of the side effects on their junk. They feature two types of Girls, one in a sleek pant-power suit and the other a calico tennis uniform, both who swear that their style is vintage-bohemian and they are inspired by Vivian Westwood. They always feature people who can some up their personal style in a pithy sentence, to a stranger on the street with a camera.
So what's mine? Fashionable Lesbian
I worked it out looking at a promo shot of Tegan and Sara. Yes- I dress like a person who kissed a girl and I like it. A friend told me this could also be called Architect/Graphic Designer Chic, but I like mine captures the essences of Mods Vs Rockers that those Design posers miss.