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Appiness by the Kilowatt

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Appiness by the Kilowatt

Lach Ryan

anti social technology

It is likely you are reading this to simply distract yourself from the boredom of whatever life activity you find yourself in; commuting, eating, toileting, working, piloting, ruling, creating, procreating, taxidermy or even haberdashery. The fact is that we are all now wired for constant, meaningless Oh cool they are  touring at the end of the year!... Sorry I got bored writing that last sentence and checked Facebook. Where was I? Distraction- that's it. We are all wired (or is it wireless?) for constant distraction. If not via an web connected screen, it's via an iDevice. How many brunching mid-twenties girl packs do I have to behold, not engaging with each other, but their phones. How many guys aren't Man enough to stand in line with only their thoughts without putting their hand in their pants to play with their mobi-thing? Parents at parks capturing their kids first back-flip  engaged with the record button and not the moment. Couples on dates with nothing more to talk about than what lives people are editing for Facebook. Kids at live gigs reducing life affirming experiences down to pixels on a screen. Muppets simultaneously steering bikes and cars whilst getting angry with birds. From the desk to the couch, the bike to the bed, public transport to the toilet. We are all looking to tiny screens, just to stop looking inside ourselves.

Bit glum? I only need to look at my life.

Those moments I catch myself jumping onto apps in a vague attempt to distract myself from the dull waking hours. A bad day can tend to look something like this: Wake. Breakfast. Check apps. Work. Lunch with apps. Home. Check apps before dinner (recipe via an app). Upload dinner photo to app. More apps of an evening, whilst waiting for TV to improve and sleep to come. When waiting my my 2 yr old to fall asleep, I'll regularly switch between apps relating to new jobs, property for sale, home loan calculators, banking and the secret Instagram account I load selfies of my hands onto, trying to get modelling jobs. The apps trick me into thinking this availability of information in my hand will translate into a new reality. It never does. Doesn't sound good does it?  I should go see somebody. No need- they have an app for that now. This is appiness.

There needs to be an 'Off' button. Surely there is an app that locks you out of all your other apps for a set amount of time? One so we won't all be distracted. We could think and feel all those things (good and bad) that we haven't been, and go do something about them. All that would probably happen is TV ratings would go back up.

* If you are bored and looking for something then check out the song that vaugely inspired this post. Two different versions, same singer-songwriter| here + here