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>A Tour de Mind via Stonehenge

Lach Ryan

Can't travel? Go here and join me on a tour of your imagination as we pack up reality and head to Stonehenge.

Stonehenge. A mystic place. As old as it is mysterious. Scientist and Historians believe it could be many things- a place of worship, a calendar, a clock, a day spa, a half way point between somewhere and somewhere else.
Welcome to the audio tour of the world’s oldest Henge. You are just one of over 800,036 visitors to this sacred site per year. Join me, an anonymous, authoritative voice actor as we journey 367 circular meters around the Henge and ask just what is it? Then we will ask “Am I hungry” to which you will answer “Yes- I could really go for a Cornish pasty” so we will proceed to the onsite refreshment complex, conveniently located next to the Henge gift shop, which you will make a mental note to visit after consuming your pasty.
By now you would have arrived at the beginning of the henge path. Built in 1985 by a council ordained labour force of over 10 men, the path is contstructed out of German Pine. Historians believe this would have been sourced from local hardware suppliers, as was the custom at the time.
Looking to your left, you will see the back of the henge in what is likely your first glimpse of the historic rock formation. Unless of course you sneaked a peek on the way past in your car on arrival. Did you? Perhaps you were on a bus? Let’s pretend this is your first glance and take it all in.
As far as Henge's go it’s certainly impressive! You definitely have to respect its Henginess and its Henge-like stature. More than just some rocks in the ground it was used to tell the time by people long ago... or so we think. We believe it was manmade, and is majority rock, although no one is really sure. Could it be nothing? Possibly.
As we continue along the path, you are now halfway. Why not take this opportunity for a photo with your loved one. If you are alone, perhaps take the time for personal reflection on why it is you find yourself constantly unaccompanied at these moments in life.
This henge was made in 3 stages, over what was believed to be between 23 and 3500 years. Of the 30 original stones, only 17 remain. Where did they go? Scientists aren’t sure, but speculate they were eaten by giant rock devouring badgers that roamed these parts many years ago.
As we come to the end of our tour, you should know that you are part of a great tradition. People have been pilgrimaging to this site for thousands of years. From Celts and Druids who celebrated their solstices, circumcisons and 21st here, to the hoards of Japanese tourists on Trafalgar packaged tours. Why do they continue to come- we don’t know? It’s only a pile of rocks afterall. Or is it? One thing we do know, is that we don’t know anything about the henge for sure. But it sure is an impressive Henge, whatever that may be.
On behalf of the henge, thank you for your patronage. If you are extending your stay in the UK consider visiting Stonehenge’s cousin in nearby Skankford Upon Dozen- Peg Henge (made entirely of clothes pegs). You can also keep an ear out for my voice performance, in the upcoming audiobook “The Hardy Boys meet the Queen” available now on iTunes.