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A Silent Night

The Archive of posts

Old posts from the original Blackframes site

A Silent Night

Lach Ryan


There is alot of noise around Christmas time. Each year the Queen does a Christmas message. This year is will be in holographic 3D in an attempt to get more people to care. Obama and the Pope each put one out too. One is in done via shadow puppets and the other is parody song of the year's hits. TV networks put out Christmas Specials that sometimes are, and sometimes aren't. There are sales to be had, causes to be supported, dogs to be adopted, Santa photos to be taken, hampers to be won, campaigns to listen too, feasts to be prepared and venison to be slaughtered

Its all too much. Add to this the constant flow of people trying to catch up with you before the 25th December like the world is going to end. This year,most people actually thought the world would end on the 21st December! It didn't. I suspect there will be an increase in Gift Voucher giving this year as people scramble to hide the fact they didn't bother shopping for pressies as they had backed in the Mayan calendar and were too busy dancing butt-naked among beehives in Byron Bay.

The noise of Christmas is almost too much. You don't need to do half the stuff they say, eat as much as I do or even spend all that you don't have. I do think you need to make time to find some quiet and reflect on what all this craziness is about. Not just Christmas, but the year past. Even the years ahead. Why the noise? What could you hear if there was silence? What the flip is tinsel about?!

It seems there will never be silence, thanks to Christmas carols. Don't get me wrong, I like a nice carol occasionally. A good carol is like a dog, it's best kept outdoors and away from young children and the elderly. However I cannot stand the increasing rate of televised events with pop-tartlets, reality TV fading-stars, network profile 'talent' and game show hosts warbling songs of praise through their whitened, atheistic teeth. These songs are intended for people who believe Christmas has more to do with the Big Guy in the Sky, than the Big Red Guy who ate too much pie. They really need to just shut up.

When I was a teenager, I remember on Christmas eve Mum would mop the floors before going to bed. I would kind of stay up, just hanging around enjoying the anticipation of the next day. Occasionally the peace would be disturbed by Paul smashing cans next door, but mostly it was a quiet night. A Stille Nacht as the Germans call it. No crap TV movies with John Candy racing home to see his family and avoid a heart attack. No domestics. No drunk Uncles. No Xmas Eve nightclub benders. Just silence.

Each Christmas Eve I try to remember these nights. The Silent night. A holy night. When Christ the Saviour was born.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas.