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The Archive of posts

Old posts from the original Blackframes site

>A review of a Blackframes Comedy review

Lach Ryan

The Blackframes comedy night was recently reviewed by Australian online comedy journal the Groggy Squirrel. You can view the full review here. The following is a review of the above linked review... The Groggy Squirrel observed the July HEALTH show. They have a unique and refreshing, some may even say renegade, approach to reviewing. One that has its roots firmly in description, as opposed to opinion. This is a continuation on a series of reviews for the rooms of the Melbourne Comedy scene. The opening paragraph sets the tone for the following piece. It highlights the time and occurrence of the event, setting the factual toboggan on its journey down the icy slopes of reviewing. In the following paragraph, we are drawn into the merits of stage location and size, a key ingredient of your average punter when considering a night of live entertainment. My cousin tells a great story of how he almost went to an off-Broadway performance of the musical CATS set to a crunk rap soundtrack, only to walk out on due to the positioning and scaling of the stage in relation to the September equinox.

After further taking up column space with a mini-thesis on seating choice in relation to lighting and sight lines, concluding in the formula S=LxSl, we are told about the event itself. Here we spend the next 2 paragraphs highlighting the line up of performers, a mention of the theme element of Blackframes, and the running length of the brackets.

Finally we conclude the review with a wrap-up and what appears to be an opinion.The reviewer claims it was an "interesting and enjoyable event" which defys the whole cup-of-weak-tea-no-sugars cadence of the piece. The sentence "The addition of a theme ensures that the creative juices of the performers are stimulated, resulting in some quite special moments and plenty of laughs." initially it reads OK.

However, some punctuation adds, what I feel, are the true sentiments to the statement "The addition of a theme ensures that the creative juices of the performers are stimulated, resulting in some quite, 'special' moments and plenty of laughs(if you find amateur stage and lighting arrangements amusing, as I do." Overall it is a positive review, if not slightly side tracked in its focus of subject matter.