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>2011:A New Hope?(I dont even like Star Wars)

Lach Ryan

The title of this post is more factual than thematic. It is now into the early minutes of 2011, and I sit here composing my first written piece for this decade with complimentary sparkling by my side (that's what the good folk of Champagne like us to call it when we aren't around their area). It has been a substantial year for me, but more so a substantial and formative decade. I think in years to come I will look back on the Noughties (can we call it something else please?) the way some now refer to the 80's or 60' was that good!

So like a wise person once said to me, or maybe I heard it on an ad.... "If you want to know where you are going, look where you've been!"
The 00's were kind to me for many reasons. It started off in 2000 with me turning 18 and a whole world of opportunity opening up in front of me (It seems opportunity has a used by date of 10 years). Musically most of the bands I consider my all time favorites were putting out their best stuff...thanks to the following: The Get Up Kids, Thursday, Jimmy Eat World, Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, Death Cab for Cutie, Postal Service, Rise Against, Motion City Soundtrack,The Gaslight Anthem and The Hold Steady. These will be the soundtrack to nostalgia. The Noughties also delivered iconic TV shows- The Mighty Boosh, The Office, Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Shield and Entourage. Films weren't too shabby either....Anchorman, Anchorman and a little known indie by the name of Anchorman! I know this seems shallow to reference my life against such things but pop-culture allows you to filter your world in someway. As John Cusack puts it in that great 2000 film High Fidelity ( also a smashing Nick Hornby novel) "...what really matters is what you like, not what you are like. books, records, films -- these things matter! Call me shallow, it's the f#$king truth." The more savvy amongst you will not I edited the quote- there will be no pirate talk on this blog good sir! None indeed! I said good day!
The other great bunch of achievements to happen in the 00's include - starting, attending and graduating University, moving out of home, getting married, going on an around the world trip, seeing the Geelong Cats win 2 Grand Finals, starting out in stand up comedy, had a Mohawk, Moving to Melbourne, learning the joys of  Coffee, went bald, introducing cheese and wine, eating Vietnamese food for the first time. Each of these little things have sub adventures off them, and I suppose that is the way life rolls.
I'm fairly sure me, ten years ago, wouldn't be stoked about where I am at right now. He'd be slightly confused and probably wondering what I did to that thick luscious hair & AFL standard footballing ability, but then he wouldn't be disappointed either. That's OK though, as I feel exactly the same way about it all. Today is a new day and a new year....we've got a kid on the way and whole bunch of opportunities and adventures to come.
I hope 2011 is whatever you need it to be...nothing more or less. Just that.

# This will be the last BF post for an indefinite period over the coming weeks, until the little new person pops out into the world. Stay tuned.