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Lach Ryan is an Australian humorist and blogger and is quite tall and skilled in getting stuck cans out of trees, and cats from high supermarket shelves. 

With a background in marketing and a past life as a stand-up comedian, Lach offers a unique view of life framed by lenses smudged with coffee, film references, punk rock and a Christian faith. was established from an IKEA desk back in 2009, whilst Lach was still performing stand-up to act as a space for his quirky written output. The blog eventually evolved to become the full focus of his comedic offering.  Musings on all and anything to do with fatherhood, faith, film, fashion and funniness. His writing has featured in The Huffington Post, The Age, SprudgeChortle and BEAT Magazine.

Over the years Lach has developed a sideline in workshops, covering comedic communications for advertising agencies, corporates and high schools, to the strategy of blogging for community creatives and even on the art of fatherhood for new dads.

As a Father, Lach is passionate about the challenges facing modern men and the importance of the role of Fathers in society. He was lucky enough to marry his high school love, Sara and now tests his parenting theories out on their kids Archer and Willa. 

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